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City Arborist Inc. is a Full Service Tree Care & Landscaping Company based in the Northern California Bay Area. Founded in 1993 by Henry Ardalan, Horticulturist and Certified Arborist.

At City Arborist Inc. we believe your landscape is an important asset to your property. it increases the value of your Property, produces oxygen, provides shade in summer and blocks cold winds in winter. But urban and suburban trees, because they must share our living space, have special needs.

Much of the care which your trees and landscape require can only be provided by those with special training, equipment, and experience. Our professional tree specialists provide the following services both safely and economically.

    • Pruning
    • Fertilization
    • Root management
    • Cabling and Bracing
    • Tree and Stump Removal
    • Plant Health Care (Insect & Disease control)

Plus, we have the ability to identify potential problems and take corrective actions before they become hazardous.

Why not put all of our know-how and experience to work for you and your trees? After all, you have plenty to do for your landscape as it is - including taking the time to enjoy it!

LET'S WORK TOGETHER: Choose the right tree, plant it properly, give it
the basics it needs, and call us when the tree needs professional services. Together, we will make your landscape beautiful, safe, valuable, and a contributor to our environment.

Henry Ardalan, founder of City Arborist is a member of the American Society of Consulting Arborists (ASCA). ASCA members are recognized for thier demonstrated ability to provide diagnostic, appraisal, evaluation, expert witness and other arboricultural consulting service to thier clients.